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Pennywise Consultants, your Partner in Achieving Fair, Accurate, and Efficient Financial Settlements

In the high-stakes arena of HNW settlements, whether it’s for divorce or a contentious probate dispute, our budgets give you everything you need to achieve the fairest outcome.

Precise financial analysis isn’t just an advantage — it’s a necessity. Traditionally, juniors, paralegals, or AI bear the brunt of this task, but the generalist nature of their analysis could lead to less favourable settlements and extended legal battles.

Pennywise Consultants:
The UK’s only specialist provider of human powered financial lifestyle analysis. Your trusted partner in delivering personal and independent court-respected financial clarity. With Pennywise you get:

Impartial Financial Clarity Respected by the Courts
Save Time & Money on In-House Resources
Personal Tailored Analysis with Substantial Depth & Detail

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Ideal if you value precise, impartial financial analysis to expedite fair settlements.

Ideal for complex and high net worth divorces with an unparalleled level of detail and accuracy.

Ideal for handling less complex divorce cases. Affordable without compromising on the quality.


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About Pennywise Consultants

Pennywise Consultants is the UK’s only specialist provider of financial lifestyle analysis. We provide independent, impartial, evidence-based and realistic lifestyle budgets that equip you with the information you need to achieve the fairest outcome in mediation, financial negotiations and legal proceedings.

Our budgets are typically used in financial remedy cases, disputes, or financial and wealth planning. Clients have successfully used our reports in mediation and court hearings on numerous occasions, frequently resulting in quicker settlements and reducing legal costs. We can help you establish what’s fair when you’re trying to secure adequate maintenance or a one-off settlement.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve a successful conclusion for you or your clients. Whether it’s for a divorce, inheritance or mortgage dispute, our budgets give you everything you need to achieve the fairest outcome.

Client benefits

Why Pennywise?

We offer a high-quality, professional and reliable service to help you navigate complex financial situations with confidence and ease.
When you work with us, you benefit from:


Many top-tier law firms in England and Wales trust us to provide evidence-based reports for court hearings and negotiations.


Our friendly and sympathetic team of experts is always ready to help you negotiate from a position of strength.


As an independent third-party, our budgets are demonstrably impartial.


We offer firm and swift navigation through tasks, so you receive an all-encompassing, cost-effective service.


Our expert financial lifestyle analysts have years of experience assessing and challenging budgets in divorce, inheritance and other family law proceedings.


Our financial lifestyle budget reports are accurate, fair, realistic and easily understood by judges, barristers and other legal professionals.


We provide clear and easy-to-understand budgets, ensuring you and your clients are fully informed about their financial situation.

Return on investment

We add value to the work your legal team does, to help speed up negotiations, bring proceedings to a swift conclusion and avoid costly legal fees. 

An unrivalled network of contacts

Our Little Purple Book

Our ‘Little Purple Book’ of referral partners is full of useful professional contacts to help you on your journey. Whether you need first-class legal or financial advice, mortgage or litigation funding or other support, we can help you find the right expert. 

Being Pennywise

Listen to our podcast

For more than a decade, Alison and her team have helped clients facing legal proceedings calculate how much money they need to finance their personal lifestyles.

In our Being Pennywise podcast series, Alison speaks with some leading specialists – from family lawyers and barristers, to mediators, divorce coaches, wealth managers and even a security consultant – about the best ways of navigating the process to arrive at a fair outcome. 

If you want to be ‘wise’ about your ‘pennies’ – you’re sure to find this series helpful, informative and empowering.